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We’re here for the small-but-mighty, the growing-quickly, and the ready-to-take-on-more.

Your vision, hard work, and desire to deliver value to your customers and community inspire us.

But let’s face it—you could totally use a break.

Hi, I’m Brent, and I've been designing websites for nonprofits and businesses for 15 years, but I’m not going to lie: the first seven years were painful.

Organizations had been told for years that a website’s job was to sit pretty and look good, waiting for visitors to drop in. This mindset was driving my clients to operate from a place of scarcity, urgency, and DIY-mentality, and I knew it was time to change the story.

By 2009, I was ready to cut against the grain of how everyone else in the industry was doing things, and to put my clients’ websites to work, like a digital employee. I’m a problem solver by nature, so I didn't want my team to touch a project unless we had asked the question "why?"—and dived deeper until we had identified real, solvable problems.

I’ve built Essential Studios™ on this premise from the ground up, and I know what it’s like to be a small organization, one-man-band operation; that experience has taught me the right combination of work smart and work hard that turns small organizations into major competitive forces, and I’m here to help you do the same.

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We’re here to help.

Essential Studios™ is here to champion client success. What do we mean by success? Two words: measurable results.

Let us guess what success means to you:

  1. You want more traffic to your site.
  2. You want to convert that traffic to leads.
  3. You want to turn those leads into sales.

We make it easy.

Achieving success with a great website is less about good looks and more about effective strategy. Our experts take the guesswork out of digital marketing—including search marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing—to make success simple for our clients.

At the end of the day, we want our clients to be happy with their results, so we can go home with a sense of pride and accomplishment that reflects our self-expectation of excellence and integrity.


The classic “clean and professional” web design as a go-to solution isn’t a solution at all. It’s a band-aid.

You don’t need a window display. You need a website that is going to work 24/7 to make sales happen.

That’s where we come in: we help our clients navigate the fast-paced, transitional world of internet marketing to develop dynamic, long-term solutions that will turn window shoppers into repeat customers.

Let us get what you need.

Website Design

Get a beautiful and hard-working website that will reduce operation costs and drive more sales.

Digital Marketing

Get measurable results out of your marketing, and attract the types of customers you want to do business with.


Imagine being free of website headaches. You’ve got better things to do with your time, don’t you?

G Suite

Increase your team’s productivity, and stay connected to them. Oh—and lose the spam already.

We’re here to get serious about your organization’s success with strategic web design, researched-based marketing services, and reliable, transparent support. Everything we do is user-driven, because in the end, it’s not about what we think is best—it’s about what engages your customers.

Who is behind Essential Studios™?

Our trusted web pros, digital marketing geeks, and core leadership team have developed processes for uncovering the essence of our clients’ business objectives. With the heart and soul clearly defined, we make it easy for our clients to reach their goals and generate returns on their website and digital marketing investments.

Brent Brewer

President & CEO

Brent Brewer is the founder and chief executive officer of Essential Studios™, and has been an entrepreneur as well as a communications, educational, and web professional for over 15 years. Born and raised in the beautiful province of New Brunswick, Canada, Brent holds Master of Education (Instructional Design), Bachelor of Education, and Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy Honours with Communications Major) degrees from the University of New Brunswick, in addition to a Diploma of Multimedia Learning Technologies from the New Brunswick Community College. You'll find Brent in his element sipping fine wine on a patio engaged in deep discussion surrounding personal development, spirituality, philosophy, and theology.

Jadrien Hong

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Jadrien Hong is the executive assistant to the CEO at Essential Studios™, where she provides support to staff and clients alike. At home in New Brunswick, Canada, Jadrien holds a Bachelor of Arts (English Honours). She’s worked in journalism, historical records, digitization, and tourism, but one thing has remained the same: her passion for helping others get their great ideas polished and out into the world. Jadrien is happiest with a project on the go, or out in the sun with her dog and a good book.

Kimberly Joi

Product Lead & Mindset Coaching Manager

Kimberly is addicted to seeing minds expand, passionate about challenging people to be their best, and has a habit of exploring nearby rabbit holes with friends. Kimberly leads the new leadership training product wing of Essential Studios™ and manages our flagship Business Mindset coaching program.

Cassie MacPhail

Managing Editor & Office Manager

Cassie MacPhail is the managing editor and office manager at Essential Studios™, where she handles content production and publication, as well as office organization and maintenance. A proud St. Thomas University graduate, Cassie has a Bachelor of Arts (majors in French and English), and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education. When she’s not working or studying, you’ll find Cassie hiking New Brunswick’s outstanding trails, around a campfire near the Bay of Fundy, or reading her way through the classics.

What motivates us?

Here at Essential Studios™, we have five core values that guide us and promote a company culture of productive positivity.


We embrace challenge, get things done, and do them well, because at the end of the day we want our clients to be 100% satisfied.

Strategic Analysis

While we work hard, we also work smart, and we explore different options to find the best fit for each individual client.


We question tried-and-true solutions to make sure they really are the best options, and if not, we’re not afraid to get creative and come up with something new.


Bells and whistles are all well and good, but results are better, and we aim for effective and efficient.


The relationships we develop with our clients are genuine, and we want to see them succeed because we don’t just care about our bottom line, we care about them.

Why should you choose us?

There’re a thousand and one web design companies out there with big promises, but how can you tell who is all talk, and who will actually put their money where their mouth is and actually deliver on those promises? It’s time to take the guesswork out of web design with a team that invests in your as much as you invest in them.

Actual, Measurable Results

We invest the time in you and your organization to identify your unique problems, construct solutions, and deliver results. We’re not in and out as quickly as possible; we want to learn what makes you and your organization unique, because that’s what makes you shine.

Second-To-None Service

We provide the kind of service and care that doesn’t just get clients, it that keeps them. Ask any of the 98% of our clients who keep coming back for more or 95% of them who were referred to us by another happy client. You’ll love us because you’ll see how much we value your organization, even after the bills have been paid.

Top 3% Talent

We know what we’re doing. When we say we’re experts, we aren’t stretching the truth. We select the best in their fields from all around the world to build a diverse team who play off each others’ strengths. Whether it’s design, marketing, or optimization, we’ve got the best on your side.

Jeff MorehouseMarketing Executive | Innovative Hearing Solutions

We recently completely revamped our website and online lead generation strategy with Essential Studios. I would highly recommend using them if you want more than just an ordinary website, but a website that goes to work for you.

Russ NewtonDirector of Corporate Affairs | Howell Ventures Ltd.

I really enjoy how simple communication is made, and their support plan gives us a great avenue for understanding what is going on with our site.

Jamie CambersAssistant Pastor (Worship & Creative) | CrossPoint Baptist Church

Our church is very appreciative for the the work Brent & his crew put into our church website and occasional print media. Their creativity, efficiency, and turn-around are just what we need to push our ideas forward.

Peter McMathFounder | Timbre Cases

Essential Studios have been amazing. They bring a high level of much needed perfectionism and understanding to their industry.

Christopher MichaelsonFormer Secretary-General | International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics

Essential Studios have been indispensable in developing the online presence of the International Society for Business, Economics & Ethics. They listened carefully to us when redesigning the site. I highly recommend Brent and the Essential Studios team.

Matthew MaxwellLead Pastor | Journey Wesleyan Church

Our experience has been stellar! The Essential Studios staff have pushed us to explore the why behind the what! We are better because of them.

Nathan McAllisterPresident & CEO | Crystal Clean Maintenance

Essential Studios work hard on behalf of my company and stay ahead of the competition.

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